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Pick your style and make it a single, double, triple (heart) or more on the order form.

6.5" flower, double layer loop backer, double layer "Homecoming" loops, 2 names, 2 trinkets, glitter school letters mum centerpiece, + the Classic, all on a bandana armband
5.5" flower, single layer loop backer, 15" ribbons, "Homecoming" ribbon, 1 name, 1 school ribbon, 1 trinket, trinket centerpiece, all on an elastic garter 

Activity-specific add-ons, senior specifics, and additional braids/chains are also available for each style! 

​- Garters can be made in masculine or feminine versions -

4.5" flower, single layer loop backer, 12" ribbons, 1 team ribbon, 1 trinket, 1 small bell, trinket mum centerpiece on elastic garter. 
 Bulk pricing available for youth teams. 

Each garter is a custom creation and the pictures are not exact representations

of the delivered product but will be of equal quality. 

​​​The Classic


​​​The Perfection


7.5" flower, 2 double layer loops, bear or tiger, large bell, boa or additional military braid + the Statement, all on a bandana armband

​​​The Statement


​​The Mini